Video Productions

After her years as a camjo for NOS, Aldith Hunkar continues to develop her skills as a filmmaker and director.

Following her taste for travel, she makes global video productions for a varied set of clients, either as a camjo (a fully self-sufficient camerawoman/director/editor), or as director/producer of a camera/editing crew.

Aldith is also available as a presenter/interviewer in other productions.

Aldith Hunkar Video Productions
Foto: Nomad Reports


Wonders of Yunnan

English with English subtitles

For her clients at travel agency Wonders of Yunnan in China, Aldith Hunkar travels through the province of Yunnan in 2012. She visits the areas of Kunming, Lijiang and mystical Shangri-La, reporting via her own independent TV station PocaTV.

Travel with her to higher heights! Global freestyle multi-media journalism in its purest form!

Aldith Hunkar: co-producer ✶ camera ✶ script ✶ interviews ✶ edits ✶ photography ✶

World Food Day 2013

English with Dutch/English subtitles

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs invites Aldith Hunkar to accompany two members of a youth commission to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There, she films their scripts that will be used for the events they organize on World Food Day in 2013. A Hunk-arT partnership with EJJ Consultancy and Tasty Green Lifestyle Experience.

Aldith Hunkar: co-producer ✶ camera ✶ edits ✶

Poca Carioca, Favela Flavour

English/Portuguese with English subtitles

Whilst on a filming mission in Brazil for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Aldith Hunkar films a Pocamentary for her independent TV station PocaTV. She visits a favela in Rio de Janeiro and is struck by the positive energy and entrepreneurship of its dwellers, all against the backdrop of the FIFA World Cup in 2014. Another example of what global freestyle multi-media journalism is about!

Aldith Hunkar: co-producer ✶ camera ✶ script ✶ interview ✶ edits ✶

TEDxAmsterdam 2010


During the first years of TEDx events in the Netherlands, Aldith Hunkar presents various editions on stage or on livestream. For a sample of other TEDx interviews in English and Dutch, press here.

Aldith Hunkar: interviews ✶

Client stories

“A conference like ours cannot be successful without the right circumstances and conditions. A good moderator, for example, is invaluable. It is my opinion that you have played that role with gusto. Your sense of humour, charisma and professional attitude contributed largely to the success of the conference.”

State Secretary, Ministry of Health

“Everybody thought you were extraordinary. Your performance got the highest ratings in our event app.”

COO, global science-based company

“Thank you for your wonderful contribution. We look back on a fantastic conference! Thanks to all speakers and an excellent moderator, we had a successful day.”

Organizer, peer group conference

“You do what you do so seemingly effortlessly. That is inspiring.”

Belgian Royal


Working with Aldith Hunkar is a guarantee for high-level output: she is punctual, accurate, involved and witty....

Education, Health, Human Rights, Journalism, Climate, Public Governance, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Technology & Branding


Facilitator, Interviewer, Talkshow Host, Moderator